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Irvine Oral Cancer Screening Dentist

Most people are surprised to learn that one American dies every hour from oral cancer; a death rate that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 40 years.

Early Detection is Critical
Your patients rely on you to be an expert in oral health. Dentists and hygienists are the best overall defense against oral cancer -- you are, in fact, a lifesaver. No other medical professionals are as well positioned to address this potentially deadly disease at its earliest stage. The key is to identify oral abnormalities at their most easily treated stage of development.
Fortunately, there's a simple technology to help in your fight against oral cancer. ViziLite Plus is the early identification of oral abnormalities that can lead to cancer. Cleared by the FDA, ViziLite Plus allows dentists to offer superior care to patients. Annual ViziLite Plus exams can be integrated with existing patient services, improving patient care and creating a positive financial impact in dental practices.
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ViziLite Plus Oral Screening
ViziLite Plus is a oral lesion identification and marking system. ViziLite Plus is designed to be used in a patient population at increased risk for oral cancer. The cost for this examination is $69.00