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Irvine Dentist Captek Crowns


This image visually shows off the difference between a standard PFM (Porcelain fused to Metal) and the Captek Crown. The vitality of the porcelain is much more impressive with the Captek Crown versus the standard PFM and the patient will not get the dark grey line around the gingival if the tissue recedes around the Captek Crown.

Captek, composite metal or internally reinforced gold is a research supported answer for the contemporary esthetic dentist who desires the benefits of a PFM with esthetics that rival that of Mother Nature.

Captek's unique structure provides clinical advantages that simply do not exist in more traditional materials. The total composition of the coping is 88% gold, 4% platinum, 4% palladium, 3% silver and 1% iridium/ruthenium. As you can see above, Captek is not a homogeneous structure. The gold is used for its properties to absorb shock and vibration through the hard porcelain while creating a warm color canvas to the ceramics.