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Irvine Children Dentistry

Dr. Rajabi loves to practice dentistry for children. When he is able to help kids build good dental care habits when they are young, he knows that it will lead to a lifetime of healthy, strong teeth. He knows how to keep kids attention and to put them at ease while he works on them. Usually, kids start coming to our office around the age of 4. To get more information or if you have any questions about your children's dental health or to make an appointment for dental check up, After a thorough oral examination, obtaining radiographs (X-rays) and cleaning to remove plaque and calculus that can cause cavities and gum disease, we apply topical fluoride to make teeth more resistant to decay. Your child's oral health depends a great deal on what you and your child do on a regular basis. At the initial visit and at each six-month check-up, our team will discuss important topics such as sealants, diet, tooth brushing, flossing and access to the proper amount of fluoride on a daily basis. To learn more or to make an appointment